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Beamfox Proximity – proximity effect correction made simple

Beamfox Proximity provides state-of-the-art proximity effect correction for electron-beam lithography in a user-friendly software package. Our extremely fast and accurate core algorithm developed by researchers at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen enables researchers in nanotechnologies to accelerate their research. Beamfox Proximity is the most user-friendly proximity effect correction solution on the market and integrates seamlessly with electron-beam writers from Elionix Inc., Raith systems compatible with the CSF format, and supports all electron-beam writers through layered GDS.

Features include

  • High-performance proximity effect correction.
  • Smooth and fast user interface.
  • State-of-the-art materials simulator.
  • Unprecedented user-friendliness saves time and cost.
  • No expertise in proximity effect correction needed.
  • Import GDSII-files and export directly to Elionix’ .cel format, Raith’s .csf format, or layered GDS format.