Beamfox Proximity v1.5.0 released

In Beamfox Proximity version 1.5.0, we have given the graphical user interface an overhaul, making it cleaner and more easy to use than ever before. We have also added native support for the Elionix ELS-F150 beamwriter. At the Downloads page, existing users can update their existing version free of charge, while new users can download a free trial of the full software.

Beamfox Proximity v1.4.1

With this release, we have added support for the Elionix HS50 beamwriter and improved a few minor issues.

Beamfox Proximity v1.4.0 ready for download

With the new version, we have added functionality for selecting the target layer for proximity error correction, and the software can now read self-intersecting polygons (even if that is not recommended). We also added support for UTF-8 characters, added access to previous log files, and made a number of small improvements.

Beamfox Proximity ver. 1.3.1 available now

Our latest release brings a number of exciting new features including advanced layer handling and export to layered GDS for compatibility with generic electron-beam writers. Furthermore, we have implemented a number of minor improvements to the user experience. The download is available now for our existing customers, but if you are new to Beamfox, we suggest that you go to our Download page and give your free trial of Beamfox Proximity ver. 1.3.1 a spin.

Beamfox Proximity ver. 1.2.5 ready for download

With the latest release, we have improved several parts of Beamfox Proximity including a new memory-handling algorithm for processing very large masks, improved visualization of complex polygons, fixing an erroneous entry in the material database (InSb and InAs are now correctly included), an optimized algorithm for improving the dose assignment to long, thin, and angled polygons, and finally a number of improvements to the user interface and overall user experience.

Beamfox Proximity ver. 1.2.4 available now

The most recent release of Beamfox Proximity fixes a number of minor bugs. While this is a small update, we are putting the last touches on a number of exciting new features that will be released over the next few months – so stay tuned!

Beamfox introduces Proximity ver. 1.2.3

With today’s update, Beamfox Proximity is now equipped with features for correcting forward electron-beam scattering. The forward-scattering correction is still experimental and while it is available for all, it is only recommended for advanced users. Please contact us for more information or go to Products to get your free trial now.

Beamfox launches Proximity ver. 1.2.2

Today’s update contains a number of minor improvements and fixes including handling of line objects and much more. Go to the Products page and download your free trial now to try it out.

Beamfox launches Proximity at the Micro- and Nano-Engineering Conference in Copenhagen

Come join us for a launch surprise where we will do a pop-up booth within the STS-Elionix booth at MNE2018 in Copenhagen, September 24-27, 2018. Besides getting an opportunity to see a live demonstration of Beamfox Proximity and meet our staff, you will also get an opportunity to win a box of some of the best chocolate in the world by signing up for the Beamfox Proximity Chocolate Launch Prize. Participating is almost as easy as doing proximity error correction with Beamfox Proximity!

Beamfox wins innovation grant for developing its next-generation proximity error correction solutions

Beamfox has been awarded an InnoBooster grant from the “Innovationsfund Denmark” to accelerate our technology development.